140 Black Marylanders killed by police

After police killed George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and too many other Black people, the ACLU of Maryland released a list of 140 Black Marylanders killed by police. That’s not even a complete list, and it’s mostly just people from 2014-2020. This list continues to grow because violence against Black people by police is still happening.

We must continue to #SayTheirNames.

We must work to reimagine the whole policing system because it’s broken. This work is necessary, not optional. Anything short of enacting impactful reforms is unacceptable.

Friend, are you looking for a way to plug into this work? We’re building a network of Marylanders who want to stay in the loop about critical actions and updates on impactful police change. Your voice is critical to this work.


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Thanks for staying in this fight,

ACLU of Maryland

P.S. Help win impactful police reforms in Maryland. If you haven’t yet, please sign the petition to urge legislators to act and pass impactful police reforms during the next Maryland General Assembly Legislative session.