Maryland Breast and Cervical Cancer Program in Southern Maryland

Facts about the Southern Maryland Regional Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

Women who are ages 40-64 years old, uninsured or underinsured, meet income guidelines (250% of Federal Poverty Level-for example:  in 2020 a family size of 1 can make up to $31,900) and live in Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties can call Charles County Health Department and speak with either Linda Barnes, RN or Jennifer Ledford, RN to sign up for the screening program for breast and cervical cancer. 

In order to save money, the State of Maryland Department of Health created regional programs so that more women could be screened. 

The grant covers all costs associated with clinical breast exams, mammograms, pap and HPV tests and additional tests if there is an abnormal finding.  Additionally, there is a diagnostic and treatment program for women who are found to have breast or cervical cancer

The numbers to call to reach Linda or Jennifer are: 301-609-6843 or 301-609-6832

There is also a Spanish line at 301-609-6871 if needed

When a person calls them, they will ask questions to determine eligibility.  They will mail forms for you to sign and complete and mail back.  (A self-addressed, stamped envelope will be provided)

Once the consent forms are returned, an appointment is made for a breast exam and/or a pap test.  If you live in Calvert County, the appointments are made with providers in Calvert County.  For breast exams and pap tests, Michael Bridgett, CRNP at the Calvert County Health Department is used as well as Calvert OB/GYN providers.  For mammograms and other diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds, American Radiology (by the hospital) and RIA at Patuxent (by the old World Gym) are utilized.  At no time, should someone have to travel to another county for an intake or appointments.  Everything is done by mail, phone and local providers. 

These nurses will follow up and make sure people understand their results and no when to follow up. 


  1. For women who are ages 30-39 years old, and are experiencing symptoms indicative of breast cancer, such as, pain, dimpling, discharge, Call Calvert County Health Department (or their local health department if they live in another county) to determine eligibility for diagnostic services.  Each county is different, so for Calvert residents, please call 410-535-5400 ext. 343 to speak with Colleen Hyland, RN.