Message From Michael Kent, President , Calvert County NAACP Branch

Concerned citizens alerted me to a post on the Sheriff’s facebook page. The post contained a picture of a large postcard signed by young people supporting the police. One of the statements on the card supported the police “running their cars into rioters”. I read the card in the light of supporting “good police officers”, and separated actions against peaceful protesters from those actions against rioters.

I was wrong and the Sheriff was wrong for not denouncing excessive force against  anyone , even if the arrest is justified. Secondly, as we have seen, the police have had trouble distinguishing peaceful protesters from rioters. The message should be that excessive force is never acceptable and should not be glorified.

The NAACP will begin meeting this week to plan a peaceful and safe demonstration. Preliminary, we are thinking of a vigil, but are open to other ideas. 

Michael G. Kent NAACP Calvert Branch President