NAACP MSC Reaction to Chauvin Guilty Verdicts


NAACP MSC Reaction to Guilty Verdicts

COLUMBIA: The NAACP Maryland State Conference (MSC) responds to Chauvin Guilty Verdicts

It was an emotional relief for everyone in the world after the verdict of guilty on all counts was announced in the case against police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

While the broken systems that led to that unfortunate day still need to be changed, the work will require all Americans for crises of that level to never happen again.

With community collaborations, motivated professionals, enhanced local laws and the use of technology we should all be able to create a future that will at least allow citizens to never be killed for a basic-level police stop when a suspect is unarmed.

Nothing is simple when racism has been in all systems for so long but again we all have to work to create a method of policing and community security that doesn’t bring harm to innocent members of the same community. The results of this case have finally revealed that anything else is unacceptable. Therefore, the message should go out that local departments should train and inspire a new first responder as both professional and protector but not someone who neglects the human rights of the people they have been sworn to protect.

From this case and the national trauma we have all endured, it is clear that systems of policing need to be changed but it will take everyone to help change the many cracks in the system.

We must all get to work doing it.