Shine the Light on World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, June 19, 2020

June 19th was officially designated as World Sickle Cell Awareness Day. The international awareness day is observed annually with the goal to increase public knowledge and an understanding of sickle cell disease, and the challenges experienced by patients and their families and caregivers.

This year, we celebrate the 10 anniversary of World Sickle Cell Day!

SiNERGe, in collaboration with Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. (SCDAA), is launching a 24-hour awareness campaign this year, called “Shine the Light on Sickle Cell.” This national awareness effort encourages community-based organizations, individuals, and anyone concerned about sickle cell disease.

We invite you to join with friends, family, neighbors  and others in your community, as people around the nation and across the globe, host and hold local gatherings to shine the light on sickle cell disease. Together, we must and will find a universal cure for sickle cell disease!

If you are interested in organizing and/or attending a “Shine the Light on Sickle Cell” event in your community, let us know by emailing us at: Please follow our campaign on Facebook. Here are a few resources for you: