Southern Marylanders for Racial Equality EDUCATION VIRTUAL TOWN HALL AGENDA On July 10, 2020


This online town hall gives a safe space for citizens of Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties to ask
questions and voice their concerns about race relations in our region.

They will also have the opportunity to put forth ideas for making change and improving racial equality. Local leaders will be here to answer community questions, and highlight solutions so that we can collectively take action.


This list of confirmed participants may change slightly but the following list gives you an idea of who is

● Dr. Kim Hill- Superintendent, Charles County Public Schools
● Dr. J. Scott-Smith- Superintendent, St. Mary’s County Schools
● Dr. Daniel Curry- Superintendent, Calvert County Public Schools
● Dr. Maureen Murphy- President, College of Southern Maryland
● Donovan Weekley- Youth leader, St. Mary’s County NAACP
● Jamie Davis- Top Teen, Charles County NAACP
● Candace Ladd- Parent, Charles County Public Schools


● Opening – Remarks/ Overview – Ongisa Mckenzie
● Introduction of Moderator
● Comments from Dr. Trenace Richardson – Moderator explains tonight’s process
○ Tonight’s Town Hall Discussion Topic – “Schools in Post George Floyd America”
○ Encourage Community Members to comment on tonight’s discussion, ask questions they would
like to ask the panel.

● First Question to Panel (as comments and questions come in)
○ Based on your field of work/interest, what are some initiatives/programs in place that you have
planned or implemented around race right now?

● What are our Action Plans/Next Steps from here?
○ Each panelist can share ONE next step we should take from here
○ Panelist answer should be no more than 1 minute
○ Mention that follow up town halls are being planned
○ Share organization contact info for suggestions, topics, issues, and to invite
● Closing Remarks/Thanks – Trenace and Ongisa close us out


It is important to remember that everyone will NOT get to answer every question. Please respect and adhere to the moderator’s guidance and wait to be asked a specific question. And when you are called on to answer a question, please take no longer than 90 seconds to respond.

● What racial equity initiatives and programs are happening in your schools right now?
● What specific aspect of racial inequality concerns you the most in Southern MD schools?
● When students experience racism on campus, who do they report that to?
● What will it take for us to experience racial equity in Southern MD schools?
● How extensively are school police/security trained regarding racial issues? Any plans to defund?


It is IMPERATIVE that you log in by 6:45 pm on Friday night to ensure ,we are fully set up and ready to go live at 7:00 pm.

Town Hall Date: July 10 2020
Log-In Time: 6:45 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 895 5685 4936
Password: 214727
Meeting ID: 895 5685 4936
Password: 214727


It is ESSENTIAL that we read and adhere to the following guidelines to ensure , we have the best quality virtual experience possible.

● Please make sure you have lots of natural or artificial light IN FRONT OF YOU. Light behind you will
make you darker and harder to see in the webcam.
● Please use ear buds that have microphone capability if at all possible. This will reduce feedback and
background noise.
● Please practice muting yourself when you are not speaking and being mindful to unmute yourself
when you are ready to speak to ensure the person speaking is clearly heard.
● Please respect and follow the guidance of the moderator. There are lots of panelists and there will
never be enough time for you to say all of what you want to say. Please don’t try. The moderator will
stop you. 🙂

● This is NOT the time to campaign or promote any specific political parties or nominees. Please be
respectful of this guideline. This town hall is about the community and their questions and needs. This
is not about any of us. Please do not make this self-serving in any way. The moderator will stop you. 🙂