We Are Done Dying Merchandise

As you know, we have been running the #WeAreDoneDying campaign. While COVID-19 wreaks havoc in our nation, we’ve also witnessed protests and outrage erupt in cities across the U.S., over the senseless killing of yet another Black man. 

For the #WeAreDoneDying campaign, the NAACP has created t-shirts and masks. Wearing these while at the grocery store, going for a walk or any public setting, will help spread our message even further. The NAACP chief of staff, Eris Sims, just sent a link where you can purchase #WeAreDoneDying t-shirts and NAACP masks. If you are interested, please visit this link – https://www.naacpcompanystore.org/.

For more information on the campaign, please visit https://www.naacp.org/campaigns/we-are-done-dying/.